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I don’t know what to suggest that hasn’t already been said, except that maybe—depending on your resources and perceived threat—you might consider hiring a private investigator with digital forensics expertise or a similar professional to find out what’s going on. Will you update us if you figure it out? Sincerely sorry this is happening.


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Agreed that ProMotion is more important. However, I do find the Dynamic Island to be useful. For example, I like to drive with my phone on a MagSafe mount and leave Spotify pulled up so I can browse playlists, but I use GPS a lot. Dynamic Island will show me the next turn I should make from Apple Maps and the distance so I don’t even have to leave Spotify.


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It says “during times of cleaner energy production.” That seems to imply that the production of the energy is cleaner, meaning it’s cleaner on a per-unit basis, not that the total emissions of the grid are lower. This might just be highly misleading language. I would like to see clarification from Apple.


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This happened to my 11 a few weeks ago after it fell in the bath. Face ID quit working and the front camera was all fogged up. It decided to work again the day I got a 14 Pro, lol. Now it works but looks like there’s a ring of rust around the inside of the lens. Idk if it’s rust or not but it looks coppery.