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I started with just a request, then submitted the enforcement letter. I have not contacted the state yet.

I was going to try the seller first since the manufacturer wouldn’t honor after submitting the formal letter, siting and quoting the specifics.


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I’ve quoted the law numerous times and even submitted with the form and everything. Manufacturer isn’t playing ball, so checking with Big Lots. I’m guessing they’ll be more than likely to do it as they’ve got stores in Maine and should be spun up on Maine law.


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“Maine’s implied warranty of merchantability applies automatically to any new or used consumer product for up to 4 years from the date of purchase, depending on the product’s “useful life” (life expectancy). For example, you purchase a highly rated food processor that comes with a 2-year express warranty, but your warranty protection doesn’t end after 2 years. Assuming proper care, the food processor should last for at least 4 years, which is the length of its implied warranty of merchantability.5 If the useful life of the food processor is more than 4 years, the length of its implied warranty is still 4 years, which is the upper limit of time for any implied warranty of merchantability. If a product’s useful life is less than 4 years, the implied warranty for that product is the length of its useful life. For example, a soccer ball that you played with every day is probably at the end of its useful life when, 2 years after you bought it, it won’t inflate anymore. The length of the implied warranty for the soccer ball is 2 years.”


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Maine state law says the Implied warranty is for 4 years, is it not? If it were just “out of the box” they would not have a reason for it whereas most every manufacturer has a 1 year warranty.

Who wants an appliance or electronic to last 3 years?