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I've had Verizon Fios for about 2+ years and LOVE IT. I pay $40/mo (I use all my own equipment) for the 200/200 tier but they provision it at 300/300. It's rock solid day in / day out. Before Fios, I had Cox and paid around $70/mo for much lower speeds particularly on uploads.


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Not long ago RI was relatively affordable. One could rent a nice 2 bedroom apartment on the East Side of PVD for $1,100 - $1,500 a month. 6 years ago there where plenty of nice houses in the Elmhurst area of PVD in the 250K range. Those houses are now 400K and up. What changed in the market? Why is there a housing shortage now in RI but not 6-10 years ago when housing was so much cheaper? For all the griping about RI, during the pandemic I saw lots of people moving in to my neighborhood from other states, so I think that explains some of the demand.


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Downtown PVD was doing quite well before C19 hit. When I walk around now, especially after 5 PM it's looking really sad (there are a few bright spots). "Work from Home" is taking a toll on downtowns all over the country. Hopefully with the many residential projects coming online our downtown will revive in the next few years, it has tons of potential.


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(1) Thank you for the voluntary cleaning! (2) If you have a trash bag or cleaning tools in your hand and explain the nice deed you're doing I can't imagine it would be a problem. Thanks again!


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There is a HIGH number of unregistered/uninsured drivers in Providence. Their cars stick out (often no front license plate, expired registration sticker, expired inspection sticker, etc.) If you know what to look for, you will see these cars everywhere. When one of these drivers HIT someone they are motivated to run. The Providence police do little / no enforcement on this issue. Many of these drivers may also be unlicensed. This will only change if people talk repeatedly to their city council member (I have) and urge the mayor to have the police enforce.


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When AS220 bought their buildings they made sure not to price out / dislocate the small businesses on street level. Notice the small barbershop on Empire street that has been there forever and Clark the Locksmith on Washington street. They also rent live/work spaces to qualified artists WAY below market rents adding greatly to economic diversity of who lives downtown. In addition ANY artists who asks for a spot on the waiting list can have a show at their gallery, artists who probably would not have a chance of showing at a for profit / commercial gallery. They have to fund this somehow, and some of that comes from the fancy restaurants they rent to on street level at what I guess are market rates.


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I'm really angry that LastPass was not encrypting EVERYTHING in the user vaults including URLs because LastPass says on their website "Data stored in your vault is kept secret, even from LastPass." However from a practical point of view I wonder if the hackers can identify the email address/identity of the vault owner. Without that info the URLs are not useful.