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If you live near Costco, you should consider shopping there. A lot of basic items are stupid cheap at Costco compared to the supermarket. If you are a creature of routine and buy the same things every week, buy them in larger quantities and save a ton of money. Most of the items are not even bigger in size.


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Growing up, I used to go to my local library after school almost every day (both parents worked and I took the bus there). The library was always accepting of anyone. There was always something new to explore - books, services, computers, etc. I was young but there were a lot of older adults getting help with mundane tasks like paying their bills.


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We had a republican governor and a democratic president. In a time of significant regional disaster, they worked together to get residents and businesses through the tragedy. But the real tragedy is not being able to work together anymore because of political divisiveness. I hope we can get back to place where spirited dialogue and discussion can resolve differences.