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> there are a few characters that seem a bit bland like Gomez

While casting Jenna Ortega as Wednesday was a stroke of genius, the parents were horribly miscast. Luis Guzman is simply awful as Gomez and loses all of the color and charm of John Astin's Gomez, while Zeta-Jones looks like she showed up just to collect her paycheck and is but a pale shadow of Carolyn Jones' Morticia. What were they thinking?


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They're both very shitty writers but Anderson is in a league of his own. The man is probably the worst scifi writer I have ever read -- he knows nothing about science, he makes no effort to do any research, and he delivers book after book of pathetic schlock scifi just for the paycheck. He's the scifi equivalent of those nameless authors who churn out an endless stream of bland romance novels.