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As a nursing student having experienced the hospital environment, the guilt of using breaks is palpable. Partly because urgent patient care needs are unpredictable, but mostly because you leave your patients with coworkers who now have double responsibility. There is also the anxiety of not finishing the workload before end of shift.


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Within the past 2-3 year I've salted a handful of meals, just of curiosity - each time confirming to myself that it was unnecessary ^^

Go without long enough and it becomes a mostly unwelcome addition. I once had to throw away 3/4 of a pizza I ordered, every slice was liking swallowing a teaspoon of salt. That was the one time I was unable to eat salty processed food though, otherwise it's perfectly tolerable.

Alternatives to salt, for me, is eating raw onion or chilli. It fills that type of craving. And those 1/100 days when I bother to make a nice salad, I'll add a bit of balsamico, which is hefty on salt I assume.