Flipmstr2 t1_j2sbdun wrote

How the hell does she not know she has it. And I was bringing up domestic flights for two reasons

  1. she was probably on a domestic flight at some point (Arizona to NY perhaps?) with the THC. This is illegal. Or did she procure the THC while in Russia? That is illegal as well and then would nullify the “I really didn’t know I had THC on me.” argument.
  2. international flights rules are usually stricter. I don’t know what they were for her flight but it is on her for finding out.

I agree it was a big front and politicized. Her stupidity did not warrant the punishment. But her stupidity should also not warrant the award.


Flipmstr2 t1_j2rtyjm wrote

So she was allowed to break the law and then at some point she wasn’t allowed to break the law? You are not allowed to carry any THC on a US commercial flight. Please tell me a scenario where stashing your THC in a suitcase you travel with is a good idea. Also everybody knows that Russia has a messed up legal system. Even a show such as Stranger Things portrays it that way. Yet even when traveling there she didn’t consider that “ hey I stash my THC containing product in my suitcase, I better remove them as I am heading to Russia and they have gulags in Siberia.”

Yes all the things you say may be true. And, I too, feel that the legalization of small amounts of weed should be legal to carry on ones person at all times. All I am saying is we should stop praising her stupidity. Use her as propaganda of how strict and unfair Russia is, sure. But stop idolizing her for committing a crime and getting caught.