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Wingard saying the value of a college degree has peaked is insane to me. It’s never been more important imo. One could argue that with how quickly information flows it’s never been easier to promote a good idea to the masses. But that isn’t the typical person. The typical person would serve themselves well by furthering their education.


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I remember being at a trade show in NYC about a decade ago. It was the last day and union guys were breaking down all the displays so we could pack them up and leave. We had some vessels with water in them for the show and needed to dump them out. After waiting for over an hour I walked over to a drain, dumped it out and left. I was told by one of the workers that we would be hearing from their union over it.

I'm all for supporting strong wages but I'm not trying to get back home at midnight so these knuckleheads can slowly work through everything.


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Anecdotally I feel like this is the worst for elderly people. My parents and my wife’s parents are tied to their phones to the point it occasionally gets embarrassing. We will invite them over for dinner and constantly have to repeat things because they can’t stay off of their phones.

My teenage niece isn’t nearly as bad. I’m assuming its because she is busier.


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My friend took a gamble and moved into one of the first homes that were renovated in Point Breeze in the early 2010's. The townhome was nice but the neighborhood was sketchy. I think he bought it for $275k and sold for $450k 5 or 6 years later once the 'kill the gentrifiers' signs stopped getting posted all over the place.