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I guess it's just because there still hasn't been societal upheaval. But rome wasn't built in a day. I guess its like watching the early internet, unable to predict how hard the future is gonna change while the general population just brushes it off till it infiltrates everything


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none. I haven't even brought it up once because I know nobody is going to care until shit starts hitting the fan. That's another reason, I think too many people here think agi is going to pop up in a month or two, and I mean dont get me wrong we're moving at a fast pace BUT we don't even know if sentient AI is possible. it's entirely possible we're going to hit a hard wall with AI and never advance. We don't know when shit's gonna hit the fan could be tomorrow, could be a week, a month, a year, a decade, even a century.


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right now microsoft is hooking up gpt to github and microsoft office, plus bing assistant can now use Dall-E so you can generate images with much more natural language. Modjourney 5 which just released solved the hands issue. Things are moving at a rapid pace this is more than just a fad.


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unfortunately there's way too many people that really only had kids cause it was expected of em and that's why they "parent" with iPads, they don't care. Just like how school is becoming less of a place for learning and more of a babysitter for the parent. Even if they know the risks they won't change cause they don't give a shit about their kids in the first place.


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removing buttons in cars is moronic. I hate that I can't use the steering controls for my radio cause I have an aftermarket one (used car, tip of 3.5mm jack stuck in the aux and I couldn't get it out). trying to mess around with my radio while driving sucks