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There are benefits that come from being married in the eyes of the state which is what the issue of gay marriage is predicated upon, not to force the religious concept of marriage to include nontraditional concepts. Implied rights are easier given than relinquished, so we can't just remove all state sanctioned benefits of marriage to promote equality.

The Church is still able to deny facilitating the marriage in the eyes of God. It is worth noting that with the decreasing participation in organized religion, it has become increasingly tolerant (on the whole) of marginalized groups which is a trend I expect to continue.


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To clarify: You believe the US funds the UN and that prevents New Hampshire from clean drinking water?

Edit, since it got deleted, this was the follow up to the deleted yes

Well, generally, people that hold similar political beliefs as the ones you seem to convey also prefer state spending over federal funding. Perhaps some one can weigh in but I understood our water treatment to be facilitated locally, which in turn would reduce the strength of your argument.

I think its also noting that the most of US contributions to the Ukraine was outdated stockpiles of weaponry. We can agree that the US industrial military complex needs drastic reductions and restructuring though.


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Reply to Moving to NH by wowmeister

From your description northern MA like Haverhill or Andover would be better. If you want socializing, nightlife, etc.