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The vast majority of astronomical research programs at optical wavelengths only begin well after twilight, when the sky reaches its darkest levels. Hunting for an elusive quasar or measuring the distances of high-redshift galaxies takes place long after any Starlink satellite can still be seen via the sunlight reflecting off it. SpaceX has already been experimenting with finding the best Mitigation techniques with their Starlink Satellites since May of 2019, first starting with paint, coatings, etc, and now are planning to install mirrors to mask themselves completely with the next generation satellites.


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I read the article, and I don't know this guys character, but it seems that he wants "out" of Putin's war which I am fine with. Russia put his name on an international wanted list so they can force people back via Kazak. Idk why but it seems like there may be some corruption in the Kazak judicial system, he was never given his second day in court to plead his case. I wonder if the UN would Intervene.