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As consumers ? By not buying those products , elect people who care and let other people know about those issues without bothering them (as it could have the opposite effect).


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Your link and claim about THC is totally wrong. The problem was with people adding vitamin E acetate to the liquids. This is a problem of manufacturing of liquids that doesn't seem to appear much anymore and has nothing to do with THC itself.

Avoid home made liquids like plague. And avoid vaping if you can, continuous irritation of anything in your body is always linked to bad outcome and we don't have enough data on long term use of vaping yet to rule it out in that case.

Flavors can also be extremely bad and these are even less studied and change all the time. Look at popcorn lung for example

That's one compound that makes damages pretty fast for example (and was well known, so people that flavored ecig liquids with that are criminals)


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Nobody comments on the fact that the effects are not linear. This only shows activity at low and high concentration not in between, which is a huge warning for assay artifacts. It is impossible that anybody with a little bit of medicinal chemistry experience could have reviewed that work.These are just effects seen in vitro on enzymes and we know these molecules can have effect in-vitro and not in-vivo by perturbing the assay and that's more than likely what we are seeing here. And it is published in a low quality journal. I would be extremely careful with what appears to be poorly reviewed research. Disclaimer: I have written and reviewed for that publisher before and I definitively will not trust them anymore.


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There are two aspects that electronics maker will probably be worried about: energy use (these are much harder to evaporate than most currently used solvent), purity (it is easy to extract limonene at 99% for degreasing in mechanics that's much more difficult at the ppb levels that electronic manufacturing will require). But yes a lot of home solvents used for cleaning or hobbies could also be replaced by those and that would also help.


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You have people that had their brain compressed to half its size by fluids and they were perfectly fine. Intelligence is more about connectivity between neurons, epigenetics and ability to solve problems in current situations than absolute number of neurons.