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>rarely we can spot a random guy reminding us that men could in fact beat up women in our world. And today you are that guy

It's a reminder that violence between players was very real in NBA games in the '70s, when Harris was drafted; and well into the '80s and early '90s.


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> What many from the outside fail to grasp is that Americans aren't any one thing. Alabama MAGA and Portland Antifa don't have much in common other than the currency and language and there might even be a language barrier due to accent.

That's a copout, and MAGA and Antifa are superficial media narratives; racial and class differences, while not necessarily a drum worth beating ad infinitum, fall across the same lines of education, opportunity access and ownership in any American community large enough


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black soldiers fighting for the british be in canada when we're finished no time for tea or crumpets or playin games like cricket or quidditch

Cornwallis and Burgoyne's plans help me get off my masters lands what's blue and white and red and black all over Yankees catchin these hands


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My parents got us a World Book and a Britannica set, both old enough that the articles about MLK and RFK referenced them in present tense, and the entry about the US government and branches had diagrams with pictures of LBJ post-briefing or beady-eyed Richard Nixon in the center. I would always go into the articles about individual states just to look at the governor's mansions. Most of the pictures were black-and-white, but the article on World War II had a bright-ass color photo of I think maybe the Nuremberg rally, that kinda maybe made the most genocidal Western regime of the big band era look like Cobra Commanders.


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> Cuomo knows what he's talking about and the whole sex scandal thing was and remains bullshit.

It wasn't bullshit in terms of signaling to government chief exectives what kind of unacceptable behavior they can be held accountable for. Trying it criminally or civilly would have been bullshit which is probably why the AG wisely stepped in to preempt that with an official investigation while the local DA said there wouldn't be any prosecution.