FordMaverickFan t1_j6o4tk7 wrote

I'm so happy she's finally getting the media attention she deserves. Turns out eventually all the chickens do come home to roost.

Anyone who's ever operated in Philly political circles know that she does the bare minimum on Council, provides 0 services to anyone who calls her office and is a fucking hypocrite.

The best thing she ever did was found a fairly successful Charter School but she's embarrassed by it.


FordMaverickFan t1_j6nzs38 wrote

If only we invented some kind of truck that could tow cars that are parked incorrectly.

We could even give it a creative name like "scoopy doopy takey trucky' or something.

We might even have some really unlikable government agency that the Commonwealth had to take over due to corruption or some guy named Blew Lum to take the cars.

Oh well maybe next life people will be held accountable for their actions.


FordMaverickFan t1_j5vi2de wrote

Anyone else remember when the Firing Line gun shop shot and killed the potential looter and the Mayor / police Commissioner / DA were all up in arms?

Amazing what happens what the rhetoric of our "leaders" brings.