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OT is closed, and O Dinis is like, one step up from a five guys. Their food was great last I knew (left EP many years ago, no regrets), and I’d go there in a heartbeat. Isn’t there a millers right up the road? They’re in the same caliber of restaurant.

Great food, and would recommend, but not when someone has asked for a “nice” restaurant. They do good, but that’s not their target.


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Sure, that doesn't mean that you don't have players from the same team competing against each other for a few weeks then going back to being teammates though.

Even if you discount the Olympics, the point still stands that this happens every 4 years with the world cup.


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Yeah same as olympics vs pro leagues (NHL is a big one, but NBA and MLS/worldwide soccer too).

This happens every 2 years in soccer (olympics offset from the world cup), and sports media talks about it like it’s a huge deal every time, but every time it is inconsequential and everyone just keeps playing the game.


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> tHeY MADe iT NoT BIFl bEcAUSe oF THe MeTaL WoRm gear

If I were you I'd replace the metal with the plastic. The plastic is a controlled failure point that won't smoke the motor, like the metal one will. I'd recommend getting in there and cleaning and re-greasing the whole thing and replacing the worm gear while you're in there. It was a huge engineering improvement.