FormerHoagie t1_jc0348x wrote

So, what change are you going to make? What will you do as a citizen of Philadelphia to make it better. I won’t accept Reddit comments as a worthy answer. I’m not talking thoughts and complaints, That’s pretty useless. What will you actually do?

Can you stop the gun violence, the homelessness and the out of control drug addiction? Many make it their lives work all across the country. What do you offer that would be different? How about other quality of life issues? Street Repairs, subway improvements, affordable housing, improved schools, reformed police department and crime in general? What is your plan and how to pay for it? I’m not even getting into the detailed stuff. I assume if you have answers to the major issues the rest will take care of itself. Remember, city workers are regular people, just like you. Some are great and some are horrible. They will fight back, refuse to work or just be generally shitty at their jobs. How will you change that. Which of these things are you going to take on and fix?


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It’s cold and dreary out today. Easy to be negative. Considering the poverty in Philadelphia and it being such a massively large city, I think we do ok. I say we because the city is just your neighbors. You pay them with tax dollars to do the things you can’t. Some of them are bad employees, like any business. Think 77, Sunny, low humidity and enjoying your favorite band in concert at the Mann. Pretty awesome.


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It’s not a threat unless it’s an actual spill. This is not a spill and no worse than a car whose oil pan is constantly dripping.


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Yes, so leave. It’s horrible. Everything you said has been regurgitated time and time again. You learned it from someone else repeating it. Government consists of a lot of incompetent people just doing a half assed job to get paid. Like everyone else. You, me or anyone reading this doesn’t have an answer. You complaining isn’t accomplishing anything. Run for office if you think you are smarter than those currently in charge. Start a revolution and stop regurgitation.


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I got stuck in this mess today. I wish I’d had some noise cancelling device so I didn’t have to hear people bitching, like it was going to solve anything. The worst was some old guy who started screaming that people were blocking the stairs down to the platform at Huntingdon. He was completely unhinged. He finally got to the platform and had to wait another 15 mins, like everyone else. He was very punchable because you could hear the racism in his tone. Yes, I see the irony in me bitching about people bitching.