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I managed a team of Google Glass developers - meaning not for Google, but external. Not even they could really find a use for it. And after the first couple of weeks, they wouldn’t even wear it around the office or at their desks.

There are use cases for a HMD but they are very few and far between. Microsoft just axed their division of developers working on their AR division because not even the military, their biggest contract, was finding much use for them.


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> "It remains clear to me that the role of Managing Editor is not empowered with supervisory authority or meaningful institutional leadership," she wrote. "Repeated attempts to have the role clarified and to be included in meaningful management and leadership decisions have been met with inaction. Therefore, I am once again clarifying my intention to resign from the position of Managing Editor effective February 1."

You’re a managing editor, not a CEO. You get to direct what sort of stories get covered and how. There’s no doubt another manager that manages production staff and so on that doesn’t get to manage what you manage either.

Unions are generally a good thing. But media employees have such an inflated sense of how much control they have or should have of a company.

What happens next is they throw their employer under the bus, wildly overplay their hand, or both. And they lose because unless their content is a massive hit there is always someone else willing to do a prestigious and cushy job without being a total pain in the ass.


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Data center is a generic term for renting out the hardware needed to run services on the internet. Amazon’s AWS is the largest provider in the world with Microsoft and Google behind them. Competing against companies like those is obviously very hard.

NVIDIA, however, has a massive advantage when it comes to hosting software that requires a lot of GPUs. This includes graphics programs but also AI software.


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No doubt there is some sexism at play in the response.

But if her credentials are solely being a professional managers - and not being “one of us” - then unexpectedly demoting three top members of the in-group at once and also publicly painting them as uncaring about their subordinates at the same time is terrible professional management / internal politics.

As much as anything, firing (or demoting people) is as much about how everyone left perceives you as a leader. When it must be done, it should be evident to everyone that it had to happen. Coming off as capricious when playing with other peoples careers / cash flow is going to cause big problems, as it has here.

Edit: lol at downvotes for suggesting that publicly humiliating people is bad management. Might be good politics but it’s bad bad management.


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TFW when a dog owner or two is completely dominating a sidewalk or space with their dogs and they make you feel like you’re walking through their living room.


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Santos almost certainly was getting kick-backs from the restaurant, but at least in the business world, 32 meetings at the same restaurant isn't impossible to believe.

When one is raising money - either for business or politics - one is essentially running a dramatic production. So I want as much control over the "set" of that play as possible.

Using the same restaurant means the staff, whom I tip regularly and above average, know how I like things and will step in the right times. Great waiters are also experts at making certain people have a good time. That can be a huge help as you wouldn't believe how many rich people are actually unhappy, bored, or both.

And the owner will love me because I bring them so much business, and likely, new wealthy customers, too. They'll make it a habit to come over, make certain everything is great, give us special stuff, even talk me up.

Regulars will see this and want to know me because people like people that other people like. I'll likely shake a few hands on my way to my regular table.

All of this increases the "halo" around me. Without saying anything to the investor / donor, I'm demonstrating that I'm special and that people like me. That alone won't make the invest/donate, but it definitely helps, even if it means they're just happy to take another meeting with me in the future.


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> Insider doesn't know exactly what was on the menu during the 32 separate appearances at Il Bacco — which his campaign lists as "dinner meetings," "fundraising events," and "food and drink" expenses.

Santos is a scum bag but 32 meetings at a restaurant could easily blow $26k. I know people don't want to hear that, but of all his lies this one is one of the more plausible.


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Bingo. Of all his lies, when I saw that number my alarm bells went off because it would be such a simple con. The "money" is already gone and political donors rarely go fishing inside the books of a campaign, win or lose.

And that could be the real twist: brazen con-man wins election when all he was trying to do was fleece some donors.

Netflix, send me my check.


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> “If this humanitarian crisis was simply a right to shelter issue, then only New York City would bear the responsibility for providing for these individuals,” he wrote. “But, as we have made clear for months, and as the Legal Aid even said today, the federal government has an obligation here, as does the state.”

Even if one dislikes Adams, it’s worth noting that what he’s doing with these public statements is publicly campaigning for more federal funds.

And no matter how you vote, campaigning for federal funds is basically our only option as no mayor controls the national border and the state can’t impede the flow of people between states. And we can’t print our own money.

I’m not a fan - to put it mildly - of DeSantis or Abbott, but the “let’s ship immigrants to sanctuary cities” play is clever in that it forces the mayors of the “other side” to also put pressure on the federal government for a tighter southern border. And at a minimum, governors like Hochul and Pritzker have to quietly go along as they can’t or don’t want to have to bail out the cities via the state budget.


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> Why did the MTA build a train station at the midway point between the Earth’s core and 42nd Street? Bureaucratic infighting. The LIRR and Metro North, which until today ran all trains to and from Grand Central, are both within the MTA. In theory, they should cooperate as part of the same organization.

How much power does the MTA President (CEO?) have over these agencies? Trying to understand whether the MTA head(s) have been weak or if they never had the power they needed to prevent this nonsense.


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Yup. According to the Tatar video I just watched, 15% of Russia is compromised of ethnic minorities of which the Tatars are largest.

Both political scientists and Russian leaders have cited this diversity and the large land mass without natural defenses as why Russia gravitates towards strong-man leadership.


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Having lived in SF and having lived in NYC now for a decade, SF is nice place to visit but a poorly run city.

Both cities are constantly smeared by conservative media, but things generally work so much better here in NYC. And while we have problems with drug addled people on the streets, it is nowhere near the level of SF. I’m a decent sized guy and even I would feel unsafe walking major streets.


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Libraries are community centers, not just distributors. Need to study somewhere quieter than home? Library. Don’t have a decent computer and need to apply bc of a job or deal with government websites? Library.

Personally, I read e-books and don’t go to the library because I have all of those amenities at home. But I’m glad the library is there for the people that don’t.

Also, NYC libraries do provide lots of eBooks and audio books for free via the great Libby app.


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Moore and Gordon were married for decades and Moore left her for a much younger woman. Not my business, but from what I heard it was pretty ugly.

So until there is a reconciliation or everyone needs cash bad enough, Sonic Youth won’t be touring. I would be happily surprised if Ranaldo or anyone else has a major source of income.


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Yup. Alcohol is hard to replace as a product bc having one makes you want another. Like even people doing injectable opioids don’t do one after another after another. Not saying that to be funny, but the average bar tab relative to the bar’s rent is really hard to replace, whether it’s marijuana, non-alcoholic, whatever.