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I was an EMT-B back in the day, and one of the first things they drilled into our heads during training was to never run at a scene. There were numerous reasons, all very practical, including:

  • If you run, you're more likely to trip and fall, or drop something, or bump into another first responder also running around, which of course can get you hurt, and endangers the patient due to delaying their care and transport if you do get hurt
  • You really should never be so rushed or panicked to even want to run. Staying controlled and calm is important to make sure you can provide thorough care, versus frantic and scatterbrained
  • If you are running at a scene, bystanders and even worse loved ones of the patient, are going to freak out more because they'll think "oh shit it must be really bad if the EMT is running". Which then gets them spun up and in your way, a lot of the time.

But all of that aside, if these guys really did interrupt responding to an ALS call, they are awful and deserve to be fired ASAP.


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You just said this happened in NW, then SW, and now SE. Which is it?

No matter how new you are to DC, you should understand that quadrants are different parts of DC.

Are you just on here to shit-stir?

> I’m new to DC & I was constantly told to avoid SE.

Oh wait, you said in an old comment you live in SE, Anacostia to be specific. So yeah, troll.


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> I woke up at 5am once to my neighbors place getting raided by DCPD.

I mean I don't think it works for apartment management to alert residents to a raid by cops before it happens--how would that work? What a great way for the alleged criminal to get a tip off that the cops are coming for them.


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>And they asked what to do… I responded.

Your response was what to do next time--it doesn't answer their question about what to do THIS time, as it's already happened.

Unless your response involves an unsaid message to also travel back in time.


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Wow, I had no idea!! My inspection is due end of the month and I've been trying to figure out when to shoehorn in a visit to Half Street and fight the line before then.

The info at the link isn't too explicit.

~~If I already renewed my registration (which I did, got new sticker a couple weeks ago), this included the cost of inspection, right? Even if I didn't select that anywhere on an online menu when I renewed my registration?

If so, I just roll up to that kiosk, do the thing, and they'll somehow know and send me a new sticker?~~

Sorry, hate to hit you with questions, but the link is less than forthcoming on the details...

ETA: I just looked it up on Google Maps to get the drive time, and some of the reviews included enough info to answer my questions: >The on screen prompts are easy to follow and a temporary inspection sticker will print for you while one gets sent to your address in the mail.


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>Our bodies are designed to handle prolonged environmental stressors better because that's sort of what having a second human using all of your organs for 9 months will demand.

I read a book about the Donner Party disaster which focused on the women, and at the end they tallied up the survivors versus those who died. I don't remember the specific numbers, but women vastly outnumbered the men as survivors. And when researchers even adjusted for those who had children (who would have a much stronger survival instinct to stick around to protect them), even childless women outlasted the men at least two-fold (and no, the men weren't sacrificing for them or anything).