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Man, I must be the weird one. I loved the board game scene. The grand dad and son yelling “what do you mean there’s no bad guy?” Was funny as hell. Then my daughter looked over and said, “that’s the same energy like trying to get you and Pop Pop to understand tik tok and instagram.”


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Yeah I kinda get that, but I think this movie did a pretty good job of being diverse without diversity being the point. It’s just like, these people exist the way they are and that’s it. I think there is a difference between when a movie or show has someone’s difference be defining characteristic and the only thing that makes them interesting and it just being a part of who they are.

Like I personally like that the kid being gay or the mom being black wasn’t a plot point at all or even mentioned. The kid could have been straight and the mom could have been white and it wouldn’t have changed the story. That isn’t being “woke” just inclusive which I generally think that’s a good thing.


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I mean, I’m a black guy with a white wife and a mixed bi kid, so… yeah it represents our family. Is my family not worthy of being represented on screen? Would seeing us out and about offend you or just seeing us on tv?

Edit. Sorry, you might have struck a nerve with the family that happens look like mine was “forced” on you comment.