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Its success as a single can be attributed to its genre crossing qualities. I live in LA and its one of the only rap songs that gets played on KROQ, which is family known for rock music.

The opening riff is iconic. Solid lyrics and flow throughout. Would be curious to know what issues you have with it.

I've been a fan of Eminem since I was 12. I can say confidently that he has released a couple albums over the years where there probably wasn't a single song as good as Lose Yourself. So no way its one of his worst songs.


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I agree with pretty much everything you said except for the idea that it equals discrimination. If everyone is given a fair opportunity, I agree and its evident that there will be unequal outcomes that highlight biological differences in gender.

I agree that these results shouldn't be looked at negatively. The important thing to me is that people are treated fairly and given equal opportunity regardless of who they are. I also agree with channeling most of our resources toward developing those who have shown to be exceptional at something.

I just don't think any of that is discrimination. You could say nature and evolution are discriminatory for making us unequal but I'd even disagree with that. I believe its only modern society and the way we live now that makes our differences more noticeable. As hunter gatherers, women had it pretty good not having to be as involved in the dangerous tasks of hunting and battling other tribes. But with women being a part of our military and so many other things that were typically done by men of course it creates challenges. I'm not saying women shouldn't be in any particular line of work, just that there are challenges.