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I used Rover to hire a sitter to come check in on my cat for 7 days. They did an amazing job...took pictures while playing with him, and sent them in real time through the app. Also did a diary entry for each visit. Highly recommend.


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218 was one of the ones I lived it. I liked it overall, and yeah younger crowd. I toured both Chocolate and National. I stayed away from The View ..they had major flooding and mold remediation work..check their older user reviews on Google. They also had an entire floor for AirBnB type rentals and seemed like a dumpster fire. Not sure if still the case.


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Not those 2 in particular (although I toured The Ledger), but lived in 2 Old City complexes at one point. The amenities are nice and if you shell out for a nice unit - upper floors, good views its pretty sweet but extremely expensive.

Storage is typically not great and walls will most likely be thin. One Water Street will be noise from the Patco train.

Dont live in a unit close to the trash room on the floor - smell but more importantly noise from other tenants opening/slamming the door, loading the trash bin.

I've since opted for a smaller/older building in Old City. Dont hear as much neighbor noise, less expensive, but lack the amenities like a roof deck, fitness room, community room, pool etc.