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Tell your anesthesiologist that gas makes you intolerably nauseous. They might want to try a scopolamine patch, or they might just go straight to “TIVA”, which is total intravenous anesthesia, which is propofol (or “Jackson Juice”).

TIVA is much more expensive than the various gasses at their disposal, so you might keep that in mind as well (at least if you’re in the US).


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I absolutely know people who would vote for McDonalds as their favorite fast food place, unfortunately.

My point, again, is that if all this boils down to a popularity contest, then why even do it? And if it’s going to be done regardless, then why not be transparent with how the list is presented. “Most popular in 417” would attract just as much attention and then would avoid all this nonsense about what restaurants are “better” than others.


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I understand that, and it’s all well and good. But popularity unfortunately does not equal quality, so what is even the point of this list?

They even brand it as “Best” of 417, which is a misnomer if all they’re doing is tallying popularity, so again, what’s even the point? By this logic McDonalds should absolutely top several categories.

And look Harvest up, it’s fantastic.


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No new infections reported in 42 days, which is twice the maximum incubation period of the Ebola virus.

Of course it’s impossible to be 100% certain there aren’t infections that haven’t been caught, but it seems reasonable to declare the outbreak over with the information they have.

Source: the linked article.


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It’s been a bit since I’ve worked there, so can’t speak to specific policy right now, but wholesale turning away of a specific population sounds odd to me and I’d be surprised if they were to start doing that.

I’d ABSOLUTELY be shocked if they were turning away depressive/schizophrenic patients as well, regardless of their other diagnoses.


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I’ll gladly put mine on the line if you’ll stop talking out of yours.

Edited to add: “I have serious concerns about what this law would mean for the religious liberty rights of Americans who hold traditional, religious views on marriage.”

Straight from his mouth, in case you didn’t feel like reading.


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Really? Because Hawley responded to a letter from me indicating that he thought that this particular piece of legislation would negatively impact people that hold traditional conservative and religious values.

How’s that square up with what you’ve said? I agree it’s none of the governments business who I marry, which is why they’ve made a law preventing the ability to discriminate based on race or gender.

Sure seems like that’s them staying out of my private life to me.


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Fucking Hot Cluckers. They went to shit after they moved to south Campbell. Terrible service, insane wait times. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt multiple times and they just continually let me down.

Good riddance. Why make it so hard to love you, hot chicken restaurant, why?