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Best games were old crpgs like might and magic. Ultima. Wizardry. Bards tale. Dungeon master/chaos strikes back.

Best resident evil is for the japanese Sega Saturn.

Best castlevania game ever is Dracula X on turboduo.

If you can't win smash or tekken or street fighter but especially soulcaliber with just one hand you suck- my 50 year old husband still schools kids at my work.

Stalker series is like delicious junk food, but the original eurojank was a game called martyr, and it ate pentiums for lunch. You'll probably never get to play it but the last wolfenstein games plot is martyr. And the company that made it, well a lot of them probably don't want to be associated with it now, but you've heard of them.

Csgo, call of doody, sports games need a dedicated console so their filth doesn't pollute pc or good consoles. Maybe move them all to ps5 as proprietary software.


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The future of games:

15 minute guaranteed single player campaign.

20 DLCs composed of all cosmetics which will be required for multi-player.

All produced by Microsoft-EA-Taco Bell/Yum Brands.


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Itt: people gatekeeping what it means to be Scottish or have Scottish ancestry.

They have zero idea or respect for Scottish contributions to places like Texas (most of the defenders of the Alamo were Scottish, for example) or for Scottish contributions to America.

These are the same morons that tell me Edinburgh isn't in Scotland, and there are no black folks in Scotland. Literally. Here on reddit.

Who cares what they're wearing? The bigger issue is why anyone would support fifa or the wc this year given the oppressive nature of the host country. These men are sellouts.


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Pt o2 sat at 52%. Fan on, NC in place running ar 2%

No difference. Pt still panics. Tissue still become ischemic.

This isn't a new or revolutionary or unknown study, and it's not the only one to mention this

-Frankie's husband, the former palliative care nurse


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If you're ever in Houston visit Methodist hospital for their debakey museum/stuff. It's pretty fascinating. Of course, they're not the only hospital in the texas medical center with debakey shrines.

Interesting is that he'd come up with a new bit and his wife would stitch them together for his operations.