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Ya know, I used to believe that it was the quality of the lie that determined if it would work. However, after learning that it was quantity that was most effective, I turned that knowledge into a skill set that not only made me the youngest woman to ever win 3 Nobel prizes in a row for contributions to physics; it also catapulted my career as the most influential business person on the planet and served as the stepping stone to my recent successful colonization of Venus via floating cloud city!


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My grandfather was a navigator in WW2 and he wrote a book about his experiences state-side. He never got deployed to Europe but instead ended up training other folks and also flying dignitaries around. He used to fly with several WASPs and one in particular that he knew as Meg (not her real name) was apparently the best pilot he ever met. He spoke about her a lot and was upset that she never got her due after all that service. He even wrote about her a bit in a book he wrote about his time in the airforce. She sounded like a riot, and I often wish I’d gotten to meet her!