Franklin_le_Tanklin t1_j6lhdl0 wrote

I went to return a package today to newegg. I printed off the email with the shipping info sent to me to return. When I got to the post service, I handed the lady the printed email. She says

“there’s no tracking number on this”.

Her co-worker says “it’s under your thumb”.

She then proceeds to enter it in the system… looks at it for a second and says to me “did you make up this shipping number yourself?”

I said “no, the company I’m returning the product to emailed that to me, as you can see by the “from line”

She says “we’ll we don’t have a record of that number”.

I said “well, it says it needs to be shipped by today; and your are the right postal company”.

She fiddles for a second and a label is printed. She sticks it on the box and says “you’re good to go.”

I say “do I get a receipt or something?”

She says “no… but you can take a picture of the label on the box if you want”

Which I did. I don’t trust nobody. She had no spare capacity.


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