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Reddit is actually better than most for getting rid of echo chambers. There’s alt right stuff on this site make no mistake but it’s not blatantly everywhere like other platforms.


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There are still hundreds of thousands of acres of good wildlife habitat around the USA. Yes we destroy there habitat and that is having an effect, the biggest effect is yes climate change. Flooding, droughts, fires etc. are destroying the areas where wildlife live and forcing them into where humans live. Short answer is both but climate change is the real push the animals are experiencing to migrate elsewhere.


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Yup I am in a near identical position to you albeit a few years younger. I have the terrible stress side affect of expecting everything to come crashing down as soon as I make any positive progress on anything. So yeah, I can be making strides, life going great and then boom I get a massive wave of anxiety of how I can’t possibly deserve this break, of how it’s god playing a trick on me and it’ll come crashing down. And like the house of cards that my life is, when I start having these thoughts, life does come crashing down and then I have to crawl myself out of the pits of depression only to have the cycle repeat itself. I’m poor, I don’t have a doctor, can’t afford even a dentist, I have a house only because my mom takes pity on me. I have no income, no job, major mental health disorders. I really don’t know how to escape and have some semblance of normal life.


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Say what you want about republicans, but they will happily stand in line for hours in the cold November air to cast a vote. It’s a ritual I think to them. It’s the traditional way of voting and they find comfort in the physical act of standing in line and voting. To the conservative a mail in vote will be seen as alienating, impersonal, and even fraudulent. To a liberal mail in voting is seen as convenient, efficient and saves time to do literally anything else.


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No, it doesn’t. The reason vaccinated people are getting sick is because the virus mutates in unvaccinated hosts then it jumps. If we had a vaccine mandate like we almost had then none of this would ever happen. I like Biden but to me that is his biggest blunder. We overnight just quietly drew back all the requirements because a couple alt right man babies cried a little too hard.


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You probably did, that is an insidious example of false news. Among reputable immunologists, that viewpoint is scoffed at. In no way would that ever be true, just more alt right nonsense and yes I know a credentialed scientist wrote that article but if you don’t think the culture wars the republicans are waging do not pay off scientists to manufacture fake results to help their platform then you are highly naive.


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You are boosted, you do everything right, as long as you mask and avoid very crowded areas you are straight. I’ve been isolated since the beginning and it’s a little boring but I am still alive and healthy. Like you I have had all 5 vaccinations and I still wear a mask anytime I leave the house. It’s really something that good habits provided by experts actually work


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If you follow the precautions and get boosted you have very little to worry about. It’s the people who still think they can just run around with no mask, no vax, and no empathy that is biting us in the ass


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No, you absolutely should get boosted as soon as you are eligible. Just because the window from natural protection is still good doesn’t mean you should skip out on boosters even if for only a couple of months. This pandemic is still raging because many people question the rules, have doubts in the brightest scientific minds of our generation and do anything but get vaccinated. You are doing good, but now is not the time to delay life saving treatment. This goes for anyone. Get your boosters! Every moment you wait is another unnecessary death. We have the tools to beat this thing let’s do it!!


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Who said was advocating against that? I’m just saying there is no way to eradicate Covid from any kind of animal reservoir whether that be human or not. Vaccinations are the only thing we have that works, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking the virus can’t mutate away from the current vaccine, something which Covid existing in different animal populations, especially populations near humans, will make more likely.