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Nahhh... life begins at 40. Or whenever you feel like you hit that balance of knowing yourself, earning for yourself to be comfortable, and living for yourself.


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And you're more patient, more mellow, and more willing to do anything for fun because you're old enough that you no longer care what anyone else thinks. It's a certain freedom. At least, that's the difference between me at 25 vs. 45. 65 or 75 is gonna be legendary.


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I am on r/guitar now and oh my god, so much info and so many questions! I'm having fun. The first song I want to play seems like it's wayyyy, wayyy too hard for me rn. My guitar delivery got delayed till Tuesday the 23rd so I'll wait and see, because I thought I'd be picking at it by now.


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Wow that's pedal porn! 😮 I'm afraid I won't be good enough for those for a while yet, but I'll keep it in mind. I'm still trying to figure out getting an extension for my JBL headphones to go into the amp so I don't kill my neighbors


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Thanks! I remember my fingers hurting, but now I rock climb, which also hurts your fingers (and hands, and arms, and feet) so I'm okay with this 🤘But as long as I can pick up the guitar and shred one day, it will be worth it! 🎸🎸🔥🔥 And yes, I'm on r/guitar but lurking at the moment.