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I recall it being reported as an amputation, and that likelihood being the thrust of the news coverage - but maybe it wasn't a foregone conclusion and they managed to save it. I didn't want to focus on it, as it was a vacation - and I was around the same age as the victim. On a separate year, a body was found floating the the pool I had watched the rescue from... it wasn't the luckiest of spots to stay, I guess.

To be clear - the skepticism from my family was that there was any shark attack at all, but I appreciate your fact check regardless.

Six is a much higher and more concerning number than I would have guessed for the region - so thanks also for the warning!


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About 30 years ago, I was on vacation at Myrtle Beach. A little boy paddled out to watch dolphins more closely. He was on an inflatable, with his legs in the water.

Sharks follow behind dolphin pods, watching for opportunities to eat older, sick, or younger dolphins.

Chomped the kid's leg off at the knee, while I was in a pool overlooking the sea. It was one of those vacation spots where parents could pretty safely leave their kids to their own devices - and my family (absent at the time) didn't believe me until it was shown on the news that night.


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The stroke idea is fairly sound - I've seen that happen with other authors. Clive Barker's massive decline seems due to the blood poisoning and health issues he's had (along with a lot of trauma - some of his causing).

My money was on Card having some scheme to take credit from a ghost writer at the beginning of his publishing career.


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They really are just about perfect reads. Soo comforting and optimistic compared to the general circumstances people find themselves in today. She's absolutely right when she says they are for anyone who needs an escape or a respite. I will always buy Becky Chamber's book upon their release - she's incredibly good, and her work feels so timely and important. I share her work with everyone.