Free_Leonard_Peltier t1_j4o0386 wrote

When selecting your new macerating pump, please don’t purchase the cheapest one. If you’re planning on staying there for a while, remember the saying “pay me now, or pay me later”. Buy a good quality pump and forget about it, future you will be happy you did.

Side note, to get yourself out of a pinch, you could use a regular sump pump as long as you suspend it somewhat (4-8”) from the bottom and cross your fingers. Not for permanent installation as tissue paper or poo will plug it, but to prevent a mess, it could certainly save the day. Bathroom is out of order until you get the proper pump in place though.

Good luck to you! May the brown always go down!


Free_Leonard_Peltier t1_j2fn1un wrote

Does it stop eventually? Sounds like you’ve ruled out the obvious, the flapper, and the bypass tube. I’ve seen some buildup in the void above the jets before and wonder if they’re almost clogged but allowing a dribble through. This may give you the impression that there’s a leak, but it is actually a blockage.

If it does stop eventually, I’d suspect it’s a partial blockage. Aside from taking the toilet outside and going pressure washer crazy, or adding draino while the bowl is upside down to soak, I’m not sure what the best way to clear that would be. Hope that helps!