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More needs to be done to protect animals. Its pathetic that in 2022 so little is done for them.

And eating animals shouldn't mean they live a life of torture and cruelty. It's so sad that these big corporations world wide in the food industry are untouchable esp here in the US. Civilized my ass that this is how animals are allowed to be treated. And that's just the food industry.

I don't follow politcs but this fall when i heard about Dr OZ, a literal animal abuser and killer on a mass scale, was what ppl were voting for, I was infuriated. How the fuck do u shmucks not find a better person I swear to god. 🙄 Fuck anyone who got him to where he is to even be put on a ballot and fuck all of you that voted for him. Degenerates.


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Oh yeah u can't stop anything from disappearing but what I am saying is I see zero improvement and deterrence happening. We are no better off than a year ago, 5 yrs ago, 10 yrs ago etc. And also despite more education and spreading awareness to not do this and contempt for those that do. Just mind boggling.

And I tell u what, during my college yrs sure I was pretty dumb - not with this but just drinking in general. Once out of college, f drinking. I just find it more pathetic when adults are piss ass drunks and absolutely know better and are like this. They want to live their adulthood being drunks, then do it without almost killing people daily.

Society should be improving, in general. To see this issue just remain a flat line is getting old.


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Are penalties not enough for drunk drivers or what? They literally are out doing this daily and can kill anyone and yet this keeps happening. No one is being deterred with whatever system they have going on for drunk drivers.

Pathetic all of yall that drink and drive. As if we haven't heard this one million times and a 5 yr old could tell u not to.


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You ppl are so annoying. Not everyone on this planet sees the exact same posts as you do.

It's a first for many.

Anyone who types what you did on any post act like new fresh sets of eyes can't get to see this stuff.

You and all ur peeps with those comments need to get a hobby if it upsets u THAT much that it makes u post . Normal people if they see a repost they scroll and move on.

Big L. Touch grass.