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And better still- if they connect Yellowstone to Glacier, well, Glacier is already connected to Waterton in Canada. And Jasper, Banff, Kutenai, and Yoho national parks in Canada are already very large and connected, and close to Waterton. Connect those to Waterton, and bam, you've got an amazing corridor going.


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The small-scale controlled burns lit by indigenous people contributed to increases in the variation and ‘patchiness’ of the available environment, creating increased habitat diversity and increased abundance of berries and other plants that like to live in forest margins, which enriched the regions for bears, other large mammals, and humans too, while also decreasing severe high-intensity wildfire incidence. It’s really not at all comparable to what’s changed in the last 400 years.


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Of all the milk substitutes I’ve tried (almond, soy, cashew, oat, coconut, Silk brand plant milk), this one is my favourite! Does it taste exactly like milk? No. Don’t expect it to. But the mouthfeel/texture is pretty good in tea and it hits the spot well enough for me to be quite happy with, given the above-mentioned environmental stats.