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No. Black holes have a size. A black hole with 30 billion solar masses has a radius of a little less than 600 AU (Astronomical Units, the average distance from the earth to the sun).


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Hypothetically, if the reaction itself is net positive, it means there is is no longer a question of whether physics allows this to work; it becomes simply an engineering challenge to make it practically viable. That's not to say the engineering problem is easy, or is sure to be solvable; but it's a meaningful distinction.


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>Highly precise, high-power, high-efficiency lasers have all sorts of applications, including in manufacturing, communications, even things as mundane as drilling deep holes. If we get the tech needed for a pulsed-fusion plant, these lasers are going to be used everywhere, not just in fusion plants.

These lasers have absolutely no use in any of those applications. You're talking about a totally different definition of "high power".

>And that's the real concern. You have to worry about some terrorist group buying some surplus mining or manufacturing equipment, and then using it to breed lead into plutonium. Or, if the knowledge is public enough, they might just build the lasers themselves. It represents a path to nuclear weaponry without ever having to get a hold of an ounce of uranium.

That's hilariously absurd. Never will any kind of laser used for manufacturing, telecom, etc. be usable for laser driven fusion or nuclear weaponry. That's not how any of this works.


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I think magnetic fusion is more likely to provide a path to power generation, but this:

>There is no comparable reduction available for the lasers on ICF machines which will always need to be pumped inefficiently.

is simply not true at all. Diode pumping is dramatically more efficient. Flashlamps are simply easy and reliable.


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Yeah there's definitely no "remission" that I've ever heard of, and certainly not experienced. I'm much more functional now than I was as a child, but it's not because the ADD is gone. I'm simply better at dealing with it (and also medicated).