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Did you read my response? I did not say it doesn't work. How about this? Exercise is how my son and daughter have both avoided severe depression. Maybe if I had started vigorous exercise when the symptoms first started I could have avoided the worst of it. I am not pushing misinformation. I am sharing a subject that does not get enough attention and certainly not enough empathy from people who nothing about it.


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Clearly you don't understand depression. I got up every day. I kept my job my family my marriage. I did everything in my power to keep my life together. I didn't say it doesn't work. I had no interest in being coddled. There is nothing familiar about depression. Giving up is what depression does to you. If you can muster the motivation to exercise while depressed then more power to you. I could not.


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This article is about hospitalized patients being encouraged/supervised to participate. When you are depressed, exercise or yoga is not even in the realm of possibilities. It is a struggle just to get out of bed. If you have never had severe depression you have no idea how bad it is. How difficult it is to conjure any kind of self motivation. How much pain your body is in that gets a little worse every day. Yes, depression can cause physical pain. Much less interact with a group of strangers not knowing if you will start crying for no reason. Exercise was not an option for me.

I am on medication now that works for me, so I am happy, healthy and physically active.