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Mdma and k make my inner monologue become... Outer. But psychedelics really free me. I was always afraid to lose control so I avoided them for years and years, and then just finally letting go, throwing yourself into the chaos and the beauty. I wish everyone could experience it, the world would be better. I truly believe there is a secret world full of truths that you can explore, and maybe even map, but certainly learn a lot from. Looking at a normal piece of cloth and seeing a trillion sparkling fractals in every thread, it's like... The limited version of the world we are stuck in being peeled away and getting a glimpse of.. something.

I wouldn't say a new person comes out in these moments but I would say the best possible and healthy version of me does.

I had a good friend who had schizophrenia and drugs would really send him off the edge and he would end up in jail over and over for just being so careless. He ended up getting locked up for a long time and that was the last I saw him, I moved very far away to start over. We tried to help him keep sober but it was like a force of nature. I hope you can find a happy balance fellow traveler.


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This weirds me out too. But I've met people who don't have it and they're like super carpe Diem types and they seem quite happy. I'd say that I even look up to them for inspiration.

It's possible the internal monologue is a neurosis. I am quite neurotic and I have a strong inner monologue. I don't know if those things are correlated.

But I'm not sure how you could be neurotic without an inner voice. If you just have silence or pictures how could you develop any pathologies?

With mysteries like this it sure makes it hard to determine when AI becomes conscious or not when even humans have such different types of consciousness.