FuckThisPostTruthEra t1_j1zagyj wrote

What I’m realizing is that if I’m gonna scam people, scamming poor and lower middle class people is the way to go. Once you fuck with the elites, they get SO angry lol see: That fake German heiress story. They got bamboozled and scammed and instead of hiding their moronic shame, they cried to authorities. But if that goes down for any other class of person, authorities don’t do shit.


FuckThisPostTruthEra t1_isxbi1w wrote

I’m all for this, especially as an Asian woman, but that design is meh. Lol I’m kinda judgmental on currency though. I feel, first and foremost, there’s too much text on it, too large. Being young and Asian, she lacks a lot of “texture” for the relief of her face to not look cheaply depicted (her good skin betrays her!). It’s just an odd ass combo of elements that has the graphic designer in me groaning.