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This is great news!

I've always complained that owning an electric car is impossible for me because my underground parking doesn't have plugs to charge a car. And I'm not willing to have the limitation of being able to charge my car only at work.

I just found out today that the building management will be installing charging plugs at every parking lot! Great news! Only question now is when will it get done....


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Lol, the only concerning barrier is acquiring a trained workforce? So, you're telling me what type of sub doesn't matter, cost don't matter, and when we are getting them don't matter?

Not to mention, ITAR restrictions don't matter? The fact that we will have highly enriched uranium and will be in violations of nuclear treaties don't matter?

Typical "Naw yeah, she'll be alright mate" australian mentality.


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It's about how ScoMo handled the situation. Macron had the impression that the deal was still on, even with issues in the contract. And when ScoMo was confronted about it, he showed private text messages between him and Macron, which enraged Macron even further.

And amongst all that, the French lost the contract to nothing really. Our replacement contract is a dud. We don't know what we are getting, how many we are getting, when we are getting them and how much they will cost.

Oh and those French subs were originally nuclear subs that Australia insisted on modifying to diesel.

So, tell me, how can the French not be salty about losing the contract?


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The fact that our phone/laptop/tablet has parts made in India, China Taiwan, US and possible other countries is as a result of globalisation. Being against globalisation, in my opinion, is next to impossible nowadays, because even if you choose to shun technology and use pen/pencil, those would still be made elsewhere!

Unless one decides to be hypocritical, be against globalisation, but yet embrace their nice tech gadgets being cheap.