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Respectfully, there are very few women who kill their children who are in active treatment for post partum mental health issues. I would challeneg you to find another story like this. That’s a big part of the sympathy- that we as a society dont give enough attention to pp mh, and that even when a woman did give it attention, this happened.

You can blame all the other factors class/race/gender- they are clearly relevant. The idea of someone being aware of, and taking advantage of, help in this situation, and then tragically having the worst outcome is part of what makes so many people have sympathy. Among the other reasons you’ve mentioned


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Booked a rheumatologist appointment for the soonesf available through brigham and womens. Waiting for my appointment in february, booked it two months ago. Really excited to be ignoring all my autoimmune symptoms while i wait for medical care. /s


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I honestly disagree with the brigham and womens recommendation. My pcp of many years is B&W affiliated, and anytime i have had to see a specialist, it takes months, whether i am seen in Boston or their Foxboro location. Currently waiting for a rheumatology appointment in February— i booked it two months ago.

I would switch providers, except as OP detailed, finding new ones in this region is incredibly difficult. My delayed care is better than no care, which is what i have sadly come to accept.


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This is an aggressive response considering what OP is describing is a common experience, regardless of hospital choice, to wait extremely long times for pcp’s or specialists. It is a reoccurring topic in this sub. I moved to the area ten years ago from NY and continue to be amazed at the inability to timely schedule medical appointments.