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For a moment I'm disoriented. I can't feel my arms or legs. I try to move them but there's nothing to move? I'm in darkness and don't know which way is up. Or down.

Why is there no gravity?

I start to hear music. It's low and soothing. It sounds orchestral with a full choir. It puts me in a calm mood as I'm beginning to understand what's happening. I see a light. It begins as a small point and then spreads out. Suddenly I can see where I am.

I'm floating in a spherical chamber that's slowly opening up like a flower. I'm just hovering and I see the inside of the chamber is covered in intricate patterns and designs. As I look beyond the opening sphere I see rows and rows of other spheres. Some opening, some closing, and many more closed. The closes spheres are covered in glowing patterns.

I hear a voice. Well, first I feel the voice so I won't be startled.

"Welcome back. It will take a moment to readjust. Remember that you do not have a physical body. You are a being of light and energy and love. You are infinite possibilities. You are safe and secure in this place."

For a moment my life, or what I thought was my life, washed away. I realized that my existence didn't begin with my birth. It began outside of what three dimensional beings called space and time. Memories came flooding back and I remembered everything. I remembered existing in this, my true form, and I remembered existing as a person. All of the people.

Warmth embraced me as I was guided from the chamber. I still kept trying to walk, and my form briefly sprouted legs. It took a moment to remember that I didn't need legs and I laughed. We all laughed. Such a thing was common and there was no shame in it.

I joined the Sharing. We all gathered after time in the spheres to share what we learned, what new insights into humanity we gained. I now remembered my life more clearly. In fact, with far more clarity than I'd had while on Earth. I saw everything I did and thought. I saw whom I loved and hated. I saw my mistakes. My heartbreaks. My triumphs and failures. And I understood what truly was a triumph and failure, which was far different than my perspective on Earth.

But while I was no longer that person, I also loved that person. I loved being that person, flaws and all. I loved seeing the world through those eyes, feeling the world through those senses, and understanding the world through an all too human mind. Like many of the people I'd been, this person was special and worth remembering.

So I Shared. I spoke of my life to the gathering. I shared what made me special, what made me unique, and what made me worthwhile. I didn't hold back about my flaws and failings. They were part of my story, and they made me who I was. I talked about seeing history through my eyes, seeing the world change, seeing people come and people go. I spoke of good times and regrets. In the end, I spoke about everything I figured out too late.

I listened as others shared. I loved hearing about their lives and insights. That's why we did this. That's why we explored what it meant to be human. Because in the end, despite our true nature, we were still human. We always would be. It's what made us strong and unique in the universe, and I loved who we were.

Finally, it was time to return to the spheres once again. Hopefully this time I'd retain some of my newly gained wisdom. While we could never remember everything, a few things would stick. Maybe I would make better choices? Or maybe I would have more fun. Perhaps my deeds would be larger than life and my mistakes would be legendarily epic. As the sphere closed, a new world of possibilities awaited.

I wondered who I would be this time.


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I often use this when I'm contemplating spending money, from going out to eat to something bigger. As I've gotten older, the hours required are fewer. Sometimes the purchase is only a few minutes of work. So then I weigh that time versus the time I would enjoy the expense. If it seems like a good deal, I'll often take it.

You only live once, and as long as I can afford it, I'd rather enjoy my life. That doesn't mean I'm irresponsible with money. But I'm not just living for the future. I don't want to get there and regret not enjoying this time now.


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The best Superman stories are the ones where he can't just use his powers to automatically win. He has to figure out how to use his powers, when to not use his powers, and make choices about who he saves and who doesn't get saved as a result.


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This is why I think people saying "Superman is a boring character" are incredibly wrong. He's not boring. He's very, very interesting and nuanced. Because he's both Clark and Superman. He has vulnerabilities, just not those that are immediately obvious. He also must be creative, more than people realize, in solving problems.

Your story is fantastic and I'd love to see more like this.


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There's even an episode of the 90's animated series where he uncovers a conspiracy but does so as Clark, not Supermam. So Clark is the target. It's a pretty good episode and a lot darker than expected.


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How quickly did people turn on Dr. Fauci? Despite decades of service for both parties, despite doing his best to save lives, suddenly he's public enemy #1 for a lot of people.

Do you remember when a lot of right-wing pundits decided to make Mr. Rodgers their target? Apparently teaching children good moral, Christian values (he was a Presbyterian minister) was enough to make him hated in some circles.

And if we're making the Superman = Moses connection, in the story in Exodus, it didn't take long for the people to say "To Hell with Moses, let's worship a golden calf." Despite being the guy who literally led them to freedom, it didn't take long to turn on him.

That's human nature. Too many people want to listen to the proverbial devils on their shoulders. Or the real devils on television, radio, and the internet. And if those devils say it's time to turn against the hero, they turn against the hero.


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I did like the Bush and Clinton reference. I just assumed those were fake names the agents used to conceal their real identities. Kind of like how Sam and Dean got creative with their fake names on Supernatural.

Overall this is a great story and perfectly in character for Clark/Superman. Perfectly playing the innocent, Kansas farmboy while working the long game.


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My family never knew I was going to get a divorce until two weeks after my ex had moved out. (It was amicable, but still divorce is never fun.) I refused to vent any issues I had with them and I stand by it. Even now, when I mention my ex I never say anything negative.

Far too many people run to their families because they want an echo chamber. And they want their family to help them gang up on the other person. And it's NOT a sign of a mature person and can signal that this is not a healthy relationship.