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The core is thought to be solid or immensely viscous. If anything settles it would be on the outer layer of the inner core. Gravity is about 4.3m/s^(2) here and the radius is about 20% of the whole earth. From seismic wave analysis the density of the inner core is 3% less than iron. This means most likely that it’s mostly iron and lighter elements. Gold isn’t lighter than iron but I guess there could be very small traces.


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The good thing about Massachusetts is that you’re only an hour or two from many different experiences. I, too, am a rural PA transplant. Want to hike, head north to the White Mountains. Want the beach, head east. Go a little further north and grab some fresh lobster right off a boat for dinner. Want some trees, head west or northwest to northern Mass or Vermont. Want to kayak, Central Mass has lots of quiet lakes and rivers. You can literally go snow skiing in the morning and surfing in the evening if you want. Just wear a wetsuit because the ocean water is friggin cold no matter the time of year.


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Random Redditor knows more about climate science than actual climate scientists. The vast major of the scientific community agrees man made climate change is the cause of the weird weather, but you probably saw some source claiming different and take that as gospel. Yes, weather has fluctuated for millennia, but the current trend is faster than any other climate cycles in the past. The world and its inhabitants aren’t adapting fast enough to this sudden change. But, from your history it seems pretty silly for me to try to change your mind.