Funocity t1_jbb9qny wrote

I second you are probably talking about Brazil nuts. My very tall, barrel chested grandfather used to yell across the produce section when he saw 'oh look, X toes are on sale!' Genuinely excited, they are a yummy nut, and he also grew up calling them that. We were able to curb this, but damn that was rough for a bit.


Funocity t1_irgz7md wrote

I know I'll never see it, but I wish it was illegal to smoke in your car in public. I hate being behind a car with a smoker at a stop light in the summer.

I think smoking anything should be banned in parks and such. You are making me participate because it's smoke, it goes everywhere. Edibles? Brownies? Fine, enjoy. Have a literal weed picnic. But get the smoke out of my face.