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What theory do you believe? Type physicalism? Token physicalism? I believe there is something in matter with mental properties. But only certain types of systems can realize human-like consciousness. I believe that a combination of mental properties of matter more token physicalism is the answer of consciousness A von Neumann computer cannot have consciousness by writing code that performs the "function" of consciousness. It cannot be conscious because there is something in the von Neumann configuration that does not allow it conscience.


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1 - People like you are willing to give "rights" (!!!) to tools simply based on their behavior. Others are terrified and think Bing has a conscience just because he uses first-person words that denote emotion.

2 - And if you think that a computer can be conscious just because of code, that means you believe in an ultra-liberal form of functionalism, which can only be confirmed or refuted by what I proposed in my post.