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Also, I think its just something that's been planned. And people behind the scenes relilized how well their experiment played out. Human beings attention spans are already way lower than other generations. Intelligence levels dropped, paranoia went up. The way news slings 20 headlines at you in a span of a few minutes, than randomly covers them. I mean, I can actually see your point. Since the reason things got how they did was from technology, and ever growing love for the internet. So in theory, if there was a super villian ai set on destroying the human race, all it would need to do is cause panic, hysteria, war, economical collapse, from the comfort of its data core. I mean, if the ai art thing is real, that means it has the ability to make stuff on its own. Who's to say it hasn't figured out how to make people look and sound real, and replace what we see with it? I guess only time will tell.


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Woah, so you mean like all the chat bots are actually controlled by an ai to spy on humans interactions? What if it plays with peoples online algorithm to create zombies human mentally changed mindsets. Ai sounds cool.