Future_Guarantee_990 t1_itswzx6 wrote

I think you're missing the point. The job of US Senator is not to speak well. That's just a bonus. The job of a senator is to represent the people who voted for you, and that means pushing their agenda. All Fetterman needs in order to push people's agenda is the ability to understand their wants and to work towards legislative change to fulfill those wants. He's proven he's still all there. He's proven he can speak, albeit not as well before the stroke. He's proven that his stances have not changed.


So if all the important parts are in tact, and all he needs to function is a hearing aid and a bit more time to get his words out, where are you getting this idea that he's not fit? He's not a changed man. He didn't turn into a vegetable. It's just taking him time to fully recover cus - y'know - he had a stroke and his brain has to relearn motor functions.


Was Stephen Hawking an idiot because he couldn't walk or talk? Were his ideas any less valid? Sure, post-stroke Fetterman isn't ideal compared to pre-stroke, but the alternative is somebody who lies to your face just to secure the seat. Speaks better, dresses better, doesn't give a shit about your problems.