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AI has been going crazy and pushing basically every industry in existence. It's like all I see on Twitter. The stock market is a personal interest of mine and most openly available AI solutions actively block off the ability for financial advice. What do you think the future looks like with AI ramping up? Will the markets have any room for human interaction?

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It is critical that AI development not be concentrated in the hands of only a few big players. Large corporations, military research labs, and authoritarian regimes will not pause their research, only hide it. There is too much on the table.

By enabling the distribution the development of AI research, particularly with regards to alignment, we can ensure that AI will be more likely to serve everyone.

Concentrated development amplifies the risks of AI catastrophe by setting up a fragile system where, when AGI is developed, even a minor misalignment may be unfix-able because there are no counterbalancing forces.

Distributed development means that yes, there will be more instances of mistakes and misuse, but these will be more limited in scope and less likely to lead to total human extinction or subjugation by an AGI system that *almost* shares our views.

We may be some years off from real AGI now, which is why this is a critical time to ensure the distribution of the technology to prevent any single factions or actors from acquiring such a lead that they can set the terms of our future.

The above are my thoughts on the matter and do not represent the exact views of LAION, although there is overlap.

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"In Europe, heat pumps enjoyed a record year, with sales growing by nearly 40%. In particular, sales of air-to-water models, which are compatible with typical radiators and underfloor heating systems, jumped by almost 50% in Europe. In the United States, heat pump purchases exceeded those of gas furnaces."

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From the Article

>"Future missions that require HD video, robotics, sensing applications, telemetry or biometrics will need the advanced capabilities that cellular networks enable," Nokia said on its web page about the NASA partnership.
>Those technologies will help researchers locate lunar ice, which could help sustain human life on the planet by serving as a source of fuel, water and oxygen for future colonies, according to NASA.

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From the article: A recycling method developed by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) recovers up to 70% of lithium from battery waste without corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, and prior sorting of materials being required. The method combines mechanical processes with chemical reactions and enables inexpensive, energy-efficient, and environmentally compatible recycling of any type of lithium-ion battery. The results are reported in Communications Chemistry.

Lithium-ion batteries are omnipresent in our life. They are not only used for the wireless power supply of notebooks, smartphones, toys, remote controls, and other small devices, but also are the most important energy storage systems for the rapidly growing electric mobility sector. Increasing use of these batteries eventually results in the need for economically and ecologically sustainable recycling methods.

Presently, mainly nickel and cobalt, copper and aluminum, as well as steel are recovered from battery waste for reuse. Lithium recovery still is expensive and hardly profitable. Existing recovery methods mostly are of metallurgical character and consume a lot of energy and/or produce hazardous by-products. In contrast to this, mechanochemical approaches based on mechanical processes to induce chemical reactions promise to reach a higher yield and sustainability with a smaller expenditure.

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Submission Statement:

Hyperloop technology is a proposed ultra-high-speed mode of transportation that could revolutionize how people travel, offering speeds of up to 700 miles per hour with minimal carbon emissions. In this Interesting Engineering interview with the president of HYPED, a student initiative dedicated to making hyperloop technology a reality, we learn about the cutting-edge technology and prototypes being developed, as well as the potential benefits and obstacles to the hyperloop's implementation. From reducing long-distance traffic to acting as a transportation safety net during natural disasters, hyperloop technology has the potential to transform how we live and move, and it's exciting to see how student-led initiatives like HYPED are driving the technology forward.

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An enormous swathe of the Gulf of Mexico, spanning an area the size of Italy, was put up for auction on Wednesday for oil and gas drilling, in the latest blow to Joe Biden’s increasingly frayed reputation on dealing with the climate crisis.

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Submission statement

The tech ethics organization Center for AI and Digital Policy (CAIDP) has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate OpenAI for violating consumer protection regulations. CAIDP alleges that OpenAI's AI text generation tools are "biased, deceptive, and dangerous to public safety."

CAIDP's complaint raises concerns about the potential threat of OpenAI's GPT-4 generated text model, which was announced in mid-March. It warns of the potential for GPT-4 to generate malware and highly personalized propaganda, and the risk that biased training data could lead to ingrained stereotypes or unfair racial and gender preferences in employment.

The complaint also cites significant privacy failures in the OpenAI product interface, such as a recent bug that exposed OpenAI ChatGPT records and potentially ChatGPT and subscribers' payment details.

CAIDP seeks to hold OpenAI liable for violating Section 5 of the FTC Act, which prohibits unfair and deceptive trade practices. The complaint alleges that OpenAI knowingly released GPT-4 to the public for commercial use despite the risks, including potential bias and harmful behavior.

CAIDP is a European Union AI Policy Advisor, the organization that supports the Council of the European Union in establishing an AI legal framework, U.S. Congressional AI Policy Statement, Member of the U.S. AI National Strategy Advisory Committee, OECD and G20 Policy advisors.

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>However, the sale of cultured meat isn’t fully legal in the US yet (in fact, the only countries where the meat can be sold right now are Singapore and Israel), so regulations are going to need to keep pace with production capacity to make such facilities worth building. Last week California-based Good Meat took a step in this direction, receiving a crucial FDA approval for sale of its cultured chicken in the US.
Cultured meat is made by taking muscle cells from a live animal (without harming it) and feeding those cells a mixture of nutrients and growth factors to make them multiply, differentiate, and grow to form muscle tissue. The harvested tissue then needs to be refined and shaped into a final product, which can involve extrusion cooking, molding, or 3D printing.


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>Bakery is first restaurant chain to use Amazon One biometric technology, which faces scrutiny from lawmakers and activists

>The US bakery and cafe chain Panera will soon allow customers to pay with the swipe of a palm, marking the first restaurant chain to implement the new technology and raising alarm among privacy advocates.

The company announced last week it would roll out biometric readers in coming months that will allow customers to access credit card and loyalty account information by scanning their palms. Called Amazon One, the system was developed by Amazon and is in use at some airports, stadiums and Whole Foods grocery stores.

Panera, which has more than 2,000 locations across the country, is the first nationwide restaurant chain to use the tool. Through the new program, visitors will scan their palms to be greeted by name and receive customized order recommendations based on past preferences. They will also be able to pay with the palm-scanning tech.

Amazon One’s expansion into non-Amazon facilities has faced widespread scrutiny. In 2021, Denver Arts & Venues dropped plans to use palm-scanning technology for ticketless entry at concerts in Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver after opposition from the digital rights group Fight for the Future.

“The marginal-at-best convenience of scanning a hand instead of a ticket is no excuse for implementing technology that will exacerbate violent systems and cause immeasurable harm,” the group said.

Panera did not specify where the technology would be available but said it had already been deployed at a number of bakery-cafes in St Louis, Missouri, where the company is based. Panera’s loyalty program includes about 52 million members.

Amazon launched its palm-reading technology at Amazon Go locations in late 2020, and is now facing a lawsuit relating to privacy violations after a shopper in New York City claimed customers were not properly notified such data would be collected.

Privacy advocates say this data is at high risk of being hacked and stolen, and, unlike passwords, cannot be changed after it is compromised. Lawmakers have raised these concerns with Amazon One in the past. In 2021, Senators Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, and Jon Ossoff of Georgia demanded additional information about the program.

“Amazon’s expansion of biometric data collection through Amazon One raises serious questions about Amazon’s plans for this data and its respect for user privacy, including about how Amazon may use the data for advertising and tracking purposes,” the senators wrote at the time.

Amazon and Panera did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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From the article: The provisional political agreement, which was reached after nightlong negotiations between the EU parliament and states, seeks to raise the share of renewable energy to 42.5 percent, from 22 percent today.

The EU has set an ambitious target to become a "climate neutral" economy by 2050, with net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The move also comes as the EU has sought to slash its dependence on Russian fossil fuels after Moscow cut gas supplies last year and the bloc placed bans on seaborne crude and other petroleum products from the country.

The figure is a compromise between the 45 percent share for renewables that was sought by EU lawmakers and the European Commission, the EU's executive branch, and the 40 percent preferred by the states.

The previous target for 2030 had been set at 32 percent.

The proposed directive seeks cutting red tape for renewable energy projects.

The goal is to "fast-track the deployment of renewable energies" as part of the EU's plan "to become independent from Russian fossil fuels, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine", said a statement from the Council of the EU which represents the bloc's governments.

Companies have complained that red tape has slowed the development of such infrastructure.

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The European Parliament has reached a provisional agreement with the EU Council regarding charging and hydrogen refueling stations across Europe.

The rule states that by 2026, there will be charging stations at every 60 kilometers along the TEN-T network.

For those who don't know, the TEN-T is the EU's ambitious transport network project that includes highways, roads, ports and trains, connecting all parts of the Old Continent.

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As it is described in the article, the world is becoming more bland, more homogeneous. In our daily lives, we are the witnesses of this trend that we find everywhere from the content we consume to the places we visit. As a society, should we go along with it or should we strive for more uniqueness in our lives ? Moreover, is there a way to roll back to a more unique society nowadays ?

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>I recently had the opportunity to ride in a car made by the British company Wayve, which has a fairly novel approach to self-driving vehicles.

>While a lot of AVs can only navigate on streets that have been loaded into their system, the Wayve vehicle operates more like a person.

Link to video

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From the article

>The moon’s surface contains a new source of water found embedded in microscopic glass beads, which might one day help future astronauts produce drinking water, breathable air and even rocket fuel, scientists say.
>The findings come from a Chinese rover that spent two weeks on the moon in 2020. The Chang’e 5 rover drilled several feet into the lunar surface and returned 3.7 pounds of material, among which were the glass beads from an impact crater, according to a paper published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience.

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From the article:

"Compartir en Facebook Compartir en Twitter Compartir en Telegram Compartir en Whatsapp Enviar por email Tech. What is the 'digital curfew' in the U.S. and how will it curb underage social media use? Tech. Which countries have banned TikTok? Check the full list A former Google engineer has just predicted that humans will achieve immortality in eight years, something more than likely considering that 86% of his 147 predictions have been correct.

Ray Kurzweil visited the YouTube channel Adagio, in a discussion on the expansion of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics, which he believes will lead to age-reversing 'nanobots'.

These tiny robots will repair damaged cells and tissues that deteriorate as the body ages, making people immune to certain diseases such as cancer."

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Submission Statement: This article briefly outlines some of the risks and challenges posed by the malicious use of AI by bad actors like scammers. It also provides some thoughts on how to deal with these issues, using existing technologies.

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Countries in the European Union have approved a landmark law that will ensure all new cars sold from 2035 must have zero emissions.

Poland voted against the law, while Italy, Bulgaria and Romania abstained.

The agreement was delayed for weeks after Germany called for an exemption for cars running on e-fuels.

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Submission statement

FOR YEARS, I sat down to work each morning, realizing hours later that I felt drained, but got little done. Instead of writing, I spent my time texting, emailing, and mostly aimlessly browsing through news sites, blogs, and social networks. Every click triggered another. I tried to regain control by using an app called Freedom that blocked my computer online access for fixed periods of time. Sometimes it helped, especially when I had a work deadline looming. Sometimes it didn’t. But trying to control work time was only part of the struggle. I kept feeling the irresistible urge to pull out my phone wherever I went. At that point, I blamed myself. After all, I was the girl who spent hours playing video games well into college. But something happened in 2015 that made me realize that something much bigger was awry.

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TLDR: align values before discussing feasibility. If you don’t start out the debate with the same or similar values or desired outcomes, there’s no point in wasting time discussing feasibility, which will become a circular mess of motivated reasoning. We talk too much about what will work without even taking the simple step of discussing what we want.

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New research from chemical engineers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology may result in us adding another tool to our decarbonization arsenal: a microscopic bacterium named Cupriavidus necator that can turn CO2 gas into a biodegradable plastic.

Their work, published on March 27 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that with the right setup and ingredients, C. necator can continuously produce a bioplastic from CO2 in the air. If the method is able to be scaled up, such a system could be a two-in-one solution, converting excess CO2 into a biodegradable plastic that obviates the need for energy-inefficiant plastic production.

Do you think it's a feasible way to help save the planet?

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The Netherlands’ hyper-efficient food system is both a triumph and a cautionary tale

Going back nearly 80 years, anxieties over food security have driven the tiny Netherlands to become a global leader in agriculture despite having just half the land area of South Carolina.

After a horrific famine during World War II killed more than 20,000 Dutch, the government heavily invested in its agricultural sector through subsidies, rural infrastructure, and industrialization.

Two decades ago, it pledged to grow twice as much food with half as many resources, a goal it has already far exceeded. Today, the Netherlands produces 6 percent of Europe’s food with only 1 percent of the continent’s farmland.

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I’m still not convinced of the merits of hydrogen as an effective, eco-friendly fuel source but could it be any worse than the current fuel used by long haul carriers to fly aircraft halfway across the world? We’re moving towards futuristic aircraft like this (perhaps not for several decades) but by the time it’s in service, we may have found a better fuel source.

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What really is AI? Are we actually looking at intelligence or just software that can gleen information off the internet better.

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