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It depends on where you are. Mostly it's just people in costumes or who really like animal style art hanging out and meeting each other. The parties are loud, the dance is an EDM fueled shakedown where 1000+ people cram into a room and reach critical mass, and most furries love taking over restaurants and tipping well.

There's a lot less sex than the Media likes to show, but "just sorta hanging out with people who share interests and like art" doesn't get the ratings.


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I mean, what do they like?

I always seem to end up at Sly Fox, it's towards the Incline on "The Highline". We ride bikes from Color Park down to Hot Metal, cross over, Ride to the Point, then back across Smithfield to stop back at Sly Fox for a beer (Royal Weiss) and whatever's on special.

Otherwise, in addition to what's been suggestion already, there's a Waffle's Inc right on Carson. Go early for Breakfast, but it's worth doing once.


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Ohiopyle. Moraine. McConnell Mill. Depending on where you live, North Park.

Honestly if you haven't been to Ohiopyle it's definitely worth going. About an hour and ten ish out, you can also check out Falling Water or Yough Lake at the same time.


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Hot peppers like 2 things: room and sunlight. So I tend to start the seeds in March, move outside (slowly) when things start really warming up (We are zone 6, so that's May) and plant them wherever they will get the most sun.


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I usually buy from Pepper Joes. That's where the Carolina Reaper was developed, and I have had very little issue with their seeds.

However, they do change stock fairly frequently, so if you have something really specific in mind, you might be out of luck. There's usually something really close, though, like I saw that he's selling Manzana peppers right now which are basically citrusy cherries.


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I'm fully aware of it. I think everyone is.

The problem is that people, you included, are very, very quick to say the same thing.

"But Voting Didn't INSTANTLY Fix All My Problems!"

Yeah. We all know. There's some 50% of the population that varies between selfishly hating change and being straight up regressive - those people aren't going to magically go anywhere.

So my response to you, and everyone saying this, is... PLEASE, if anyone knows of something better LET ME KNOW.

Fucking hell, I am totally open to a better solution! I even buried the voting thing in between two other things, because I know it's not a good solution.

Right now, in these united states, it's the most powerful option we have, though. So let's not get caught up in disparaging it.