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Get over yourself. The Jews spent an entire generation walking through the desert after being enslaved to the Egyptians, not to mention they were systematically rounded up in the 1940s and brutally enslaved and eradicated. In Rwanda millions died to genocide. Genghis Khan raped, murdered, and pillaged millions along the Asian country side. If you were a Neanderthal you got to watch your entire species get out competed and all your women dominated by a superior species (homo sapiens)

Humanity has constantly been subject to terrible tragedies. Today you have the opportunity to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have access to water. You’re not dying of famine today, tomorrow, or in the near future. Put on your shoes, stay in this fight, stay strong, we’re in for one hell of a ride.


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High vegetable consumption, smaller caloric intake, more food variety, and less emphasis on fried junk food and sugars.

Any Asian populations that stray from this model turn out unhealthier, aka if they start adopting SAD characteristics


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They also eat a smaller quantity than Americans, with far more variety in their diet. Each meal is accompanied with multiple different vegetables.

Doesn’t make their white rice healthy, just allows them to get away with it.

High Starch consumption was a survival advantage that the human willingly took up 12,000 years ago to avoid the potential risk of failed hunts and inability to forage. Doesn’t mean it’s what’s healthiest for us, just what gave us the best chance at surviving. Surviving does not equal thriving


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Very unique ideas, but unless faced with actual starvation, there is no way the masses will accept eating crickets and roaches as opposed to the continuation of animal farming.

Seriously, how do you propose to have people change lifelong behaviors and attitudes towards cows/chickens/insects in order to have people eat bugs instead of cows?

Poultry also have the lowest footprint of all the animals we typically consume. It would be far easier and net positive to have people consume more birds and lower cows and pigs then to switch people over to roaches and crickets.

Lastly, by and far, energy for industry generated through coal plants is the biggest contributor to climate change. Tackling that makes the biggest dent.


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We would have to evolve to a different diet for something like this to occur. I’d imagine it take generations for the shrinking and morphing of the brain to occur.

On the flip side, humans may actually be happy for once, not having so much damn intellect to overthink and create existential despair at their own mortality, social standing, wealth, genetics, etc…


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Im certainly not qualified enough to answer that. Gabor mate is all about how our psyche affects our health, and so going down that route of thinking and giving a very armchair physician approach to it, it could be that very early on people who later develop ALS could have formed a maladaptive defense mechanism to social interactions by taking the “be as nice as possible no matter what so that other people will like me, cooperate with me, etc…” This could lead to repressed emotions not properly expressing themselves, such as anger, disappointment, boundary setting, etc… which could eventually lead to disease after enough years.

Or could it be that the disease itself causes people to be extra nice? Chicken or the egg? Idk. All I know is that it’s clinically observed that people with ALS are incredibly nice, and in some physicians opinion, almost pathologically so.


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From Gabor Mate's book The Myth of Normal, in regards to people with ALS and how nice their personality was:

"The nurses' insight (how unanimous it was for niceness to be found in ALS patients) reminded me of a paper on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) presented by two Cleveland Clinic neurologists at an international congress in Bavaria in the 1990s. Their staff, too, found that their ALS patients were extraordinarily nice-so much so, that the staff could in most cases accurately predict who would be diagnosed with the condition and who would not. 'I'm afraid this person has ALS, she is too nice' they would jot on the patient's file. Or, 'This person cannot have ALS, he is not nice enough.' The neurologists were dumbfounded. 'In spite of the briefness of [the staff's] contact with the patients, and the obvious unscientific method by which they form their opinions, almost invariably they prove to be correct."

So maybe being a nice bloke may not be such a good thing after all!


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It’s not difficult in terms of finding the time it’s difficult in terms of finding the motivation. If it weren’t so hard to form consistent exercise routines why do so little people do it?


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Yes and science says that diet and exercise are one of the best strategies to combat cognitive decline and illness. You’re arguing a completely separate point from what I’m implying, which is that to really improve your life you have to do the difficult things which we all know to do but are stubborn to follow through on, and not take the easy way out.


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Exercise doesn’t have to be awful. A light walk with a friend counts and is both physically and mentally stimulating and incredibly healthy, probably even healthier than lifting super heavy weights or running marathons.


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I do feel as if THC might be actually motivating for certain individuals. There’s the lazy stoner stereotype, but for me, I’ll be hopelessly depressed and then inhale some THC concentrate and instantly be engaged playing my guitar or going for a bike ride. I will say that most of my THC usage is driven by social isolation, so if I’m surrounded in a social environment that is stimulating to me (the people accept me, i seek out interaction with them because it is enjoyable to me), then I don’t feel the need to use THC. The second Im alone though or with people I can’t stand I just want to go get high to go do my jam.