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So the management successfully pushed the guilt onto you for them not hiring enough people. Start taking your full breaks. This issue needs to reach management and it won't if you keep covering for them.


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> What was wrong with the "prescription" given to my mother to place my twin brothers (born with jaundice in 1954) in the sun for a few days. The condition was cured and they both have lived normal lives.

Not everywhere is warm and sunny?

That's literally it. I'm really surprised you are having trouble understanding this.


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Err... no?

From the article:

>>There were approximately 1.65 million doses of BNT162b2 administered and 77 reports of myocarditis or pericarditis among those aged 12 to 17 years,

That's 77 out of 1.65 million.

Your link shows 78 PER 100,000 people.


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Yes yes, it's all obvious after the fact. There is nothing indicating that just because someone wants to do bad things, that they are in any way good at it.


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It's a university press release. These should be blacklisted from this sub. It's always an undergraduate with no understanding of the topic writing these things up.


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> i have no problem with anyone disliking religion, just don’t spread misconceptions :)

I'm not. If you get 3 people who think a magic turtle created the universe, they are called crazy and ignored. Make it 1 billion people, and suddenly it is a religion and should be "respected".


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I have been seeing therapists for over a decade. I have had three that were men and three that were women. In all cases, the men wouldn't try to dig in to anything at all. Just ask "how have you been?" and the like. I would sheepishly respond "ok I guess...", clearly there were things I was having difficulty bringing up... but that would end it. I was OK. Next patient.

Imagine treating a physical ailment the same way. Just taking a patient's word for whether or not they feel "good".


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> Without the derivative and the concepts behind it, it would be hard to talk about acceleration without using the math.

Other way around. We already had the words "acceleration" and "speed". Newton came up with Calculus to put those words into math.

>So with the topic of particle entanglement and why it can't be used for faster than light coms, I would work backwards starting from an analogy such as - there are two boxes that each contain a blue marble, opening either box changes the color of both marbles to green - a term or phrase could then be made to represent that particular flow of information.

Your description isn't accurate in the least, and that's the problem. "Changing color" is already introducing wrong ideas. Nothing is "changing".

You can't even convey the significance of entanglement without first going over wavefunctions and eigenstates.


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It's a hard concept that can't be fully explained without digging into the math. That's the problem with physics in general: The math IS the explanation. Just like how some phrases can't be translated from one language to another perfectly, math can't always be translated into words.

It doesn't help that people throw around "quantum teleportation" knowing full well what people think of when they hear "teleportation".


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> Could we potentially use it to communicate with distant space craft, like with a Mars rover type vehicle?

This comes up every time an article on entanglement is posted, and the answer is always the same: no.

You don't know whether two things were "entangled" until you do the measurements on each and then compare them.

Measuring destroys the entangled state. But if you have one particle and it's the other particle that gets measured, you will not know about it until you do your own measurement and compare.

And actually one measurement isn't enough. The entanglement could have been broken long before the measurement and the answer you got just coincidentally looks like an entangled state. The only way to truly know is to do measurements on a number of these entangled systems and compare the statistics. If the measurements always come back indicating entanglement was present, then you can be sure entanglement is happening.


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> The title of post is pandering and misleading.

It's not. Not even a little bit.

>Not that they discovered the details and the layout of how they knew the magma got to the volcanoes (aka the only way it could have gotten to the surface).

Everybody with more than 2 brain cells already understood it came from underground. If you did not, you are the exception.


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> Structural racism? Do you mean like black people needing lower scores to get into colleges compared to white people?

Your comment history is very sad. It's just this thing over and over trying to rile people up.


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> I still get the sense it's all about a failed model and nothing specifically special other than incomplete theorems.

It explains quite a bit of observations, some of which were predicted: