GSblitz116 t1_j2mtq85 wrote

The headline on your profile says "if I say I'm not trolling, I'm not trolling, but if I don't say I'm not trolling, I'm trolling" leads me to believe you live online because you are bad at real life.

News flash, youre bad at online life too.

Let's look at the numbers shall we? Your account is a year and a half old, you have 548 karma, my account is like 3 and a half months old and I have 17k.

I think you should be the one to delete.


GSblitz116 t1_j2mptgb wrote

Bro. Just delete your reddit account. I just joined this subreddit last night and my entire feed is you posting songs, and it's not even new stuff you wanna share, just all stuff everyone already knows about.

Like if you wanna post this many songs, make a list, and post the list to a single upload.

You're just spamming for karma at this point.


GSblitz116 t1_iy170of wrote

Those aren't the gay people we have issues with, I've met plenty of amazingly down to earth gay people, the ones we have issues with are the ones who feel the need to tell our children about what kind of sex they like to have. The ones who walk around practically naked letting random kids see shit they shouldn't be subjected to, those are the ones we have issues with.

They literally have parades where it's half naked people touching eachother. It's weird and needs to stop.

Go on be gay, but in the sanctity of your own home, please.