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My favorite closed back ever would be the Kennerton GH40 ($700-$900 depending on where you buy them from). Super warm and bassy. the closest sounding headphone to it would be the Meze Empyrean, so for people that have heard that imagine it with extra bass, and a slightly more dynamic/less laid back sound (also closed back) and you get the GH40. However, I doubt it could ever compete for best closed back. Soundstage is great and detail are really good, but still not a contender for the objectively “best” closed back.

For soundstage though I can say the best closed back I’ve ever heard for that category would by my Hifiman + Drop R7DX JM edition modded by JM Audio Editions ($240~). The soundstage is absolutely massive and sounds wider than all of my open back headphones

My other favorite closed backs would be the Meze Liric, DCA Aeon 2 Closed, and Sony Z7M2


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I use Spotify currently. I cannot tell a difference between the “very high quality” audio setting and a service that offers lossless audio. However, some people swear by it. it can’t hurt for you to try a free trial or something and just cancel it if you end up not hearing that difference


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why would you ever buy an amp/DAC for $50 IEMs lol

They wouldn't ever need an amp/DAC anyways, but you should get something wayyy nicer before even considering it


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It’s all experience. Just keep listening to gear and talking to people and you’ll get it eventually. It also helps hanging out in other forums with more experienced people like head-fi. Ask questions whenever you can because most people in my experience are glad to help.

Also attend local meets/conventions if you have any near you and see if there are any hifi stores near you that allow you to demo headphones (most will allow it)

Also don’t take every word as truth. For example I see people on here criticizing anybody who buys expensive gear, but somewhere else I see people saying that the same gear makes a difference in audio quality. Same thing goes for graphs/data vs personal preferences. Like I said, experience is the best thing for you to learn. Listen to things yourself before discounting a certain viewpoint

For the reference, it’s been 1.5 years since I’ve started out with headphones and I still get confused occasionally. It’s a deep rabbit hole!


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I think you should try using the S12's for at least a couple of days. You might find out after getting used to them that you actually prefer them over the Truthear Zero. Of course, if you don't you can always just return them.

On a separate note while graphs can give you the general idea of how a headphone/IEM sounds, they really are not the complete story. Head shape, and ear shape also play a huge part in how you hear a headphone/IEM. You might hear more bass on the Truthear Zero because they seal better in your ear canal.

Furthermore, even if someone has the same head/ear shape as someone else they might still hear a headphone/IEM differently because each person has a unique HRTF which will emphasize certain frequencies

TL;DR: graphs are good, but don't always expect to hear something exactly how a graph shows it


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I mean you might damage some headphones if you EQ in like 20db of bass at a really high volume, but other than something like that you can't damage headphones with an EQ, and it's actually pretty hard to damage headphones in general


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$200? Not much is gonna sound much better than an MDR-7506 at that price point, and anything that does sound better doesn't sound good enough to the point where it would blow your friend's mind. You'd probably have to go into the $300-$500 price range to get something that will surprise them. They already have some pretty decent headphones imo