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Ah, good to know, so there was a kernel of truth to it. My friend was telling us about him losing his parents and that not changing his views.

Either way, glad he came around, but sad for the circumstances.


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Some of our favorites that I haven't seen in this thread yet:

  • Omo Japanese Soul Food - Ramen
  • Kung Fu Taco (same owner as above) - Ramen & other Asian dishes
  • Taj Mahal - Indian
  • That Lebanese Place - Lebanese
  • El Sombrero - Mexican
  • The Riksha - Chinese
  • Bao Bao - Chinese
  • Pancho's - Mexican
  • City Butcher - BBQ

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After my wife and I tried Cafe Cusco and Van Gogh's for the first time in 2021, my friend was telling us about how we need to avoid them because the owner was very much against COVID policies and wasn't doing anything to protect their staff/patrons. We ended up avoiding the restaurants for a few months until I tried to verify those claims myself and couldn't find a source at all.

Seeing the initial downvotes on the comment above reminded me of that.


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Seconding Zenni. My wife and I have been using them for a few years.

I wouldn't use a fancier online retailer like Warby Parker. Their founder was a guest shark on Shark Tank once. He admitted that they sell the same frames as cheaper retailers, but charge a premium to appear to be high-class.


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Same! I had been throwing a little bit of money into a side account each month specifically to build a new computer since I got a new job in 2021. It's finally enough to build something beefy. I'm just waiting for AMD to straighten out the heating issue with the 7900XTX, and to see how the new Ryzen 7000X3D chips benchmark.


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I'm not on Mint Mobile specifically, but we're on Google Fi, which uses the same T-Mobile towers that Mint does, as well as US Cellular towers. It's been great. My wife and I are in rural areas a lot because we're the only ones of our families to convert to city folk, and the only area we've had service issues is this one stretch of a dirt road south of Joplin. Otherwise, it's been flawless, in town and out.

That said, if you're sticking to a network using only T-Mobile towers, we were on them until ~5 years ago, and the rural connection was pretty spotty. The US Cellular towers bring included in Fi helps immensely rurally. I'm not sure how T-Mo is now, but their buyout of Sprint should help, Sprint used to have a good rural connection here.


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Greenlight is already promoting that they'll be selling recreationally in February. Considering that that's the earliest the state can hand out licenses, I don't know if they were told ahead of time that they were approved, or what.

My preferred dispensary is The Farmer's Wife, but they haven't indicated anything like that.


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I'd caution against T-Mobile and Verizon home internet if more traditional service like fiber and cable are available in your area. During high traffic/congestion times on 5G networks, home internet users are the first to be throttled if needed.


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Huh, thanks for this. We splurged on a new WiFi mesh on Black Friday. We were also having the occasional outage yesterday. Our routers were reporting that they didn't have internet, but the Brightspeed app was reporting that everything was working fine, and that our routers were getting internet from the modem. I was convinced that it was the mesh, but I suppose not.


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Recent transplant from Joplin, the Walmart on Rangeline carries Pibb in cans and bottles. At least, it did a year ago.


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Yeah, I could honestly probably just swing the base router of the mesh by itself. The majority of my devices are still connected to the base, despite a few being right next to a satellite. The devices in the formerly-crappy-coverage room are connected to the base, too. But, I just like having the mesh.


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Echoing the same experience here - only issues have been with their provided router. I haven't had the bricking issue, but I have had the dropped connection issue.

I took the opportunity on Black Friday to buy a mesh system. I haven't had any problems in the last 2 weeks, and one room with spotty coverage before is perfect now. Their provided router is a modem/router combo, so it has to stay in the chain, but you just connect a new router to it and turn off WiFi on the old router.


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This is how I'm leaning. This is a tweet he sent out about an hour after he wrapped his show at MSU last night. He didn't spend all day sampling cashew chicken from every other Chinese joint in town. He most likely had an assistant go out/order delivery from three places that had good enough reviews, or got recommendations from staff at Hammonds Hall.

That said, I wish he named who the other two are.


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My wife and I have had tickets for a few weeks and were very excited to go! And then, after 2.5 years of dodging COVID, both tested positive on Tuesday.

Luckily, the tickets didn't go to waste. We gave them to our best friend, who thoroughly enjoyed it and brought us back some merch.